Terms & Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully prior to making a booking
Your holiday is very important to you and your family, so it is essential that you know what your obligations are and what you will receive in return.
Our villa is privately owned and professionally maintained by our reputable management company, whose staff regularly inspect and maintain the villa.
Our villa has a private swimming pool that can be heated and an additional fee may be levied if you require this facility. In the event pool heat is requested, we cannot guarantee the temperature of the pool as this will vary according to several factors. During winter months, pool heaters will generally heat the pools to around  85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air temperature, however, lowers to 55 degrees or less, then although the heaters operate for longer hours than in warmer weather they may not be fully effective and the water temperature may not reach a comfortable temperature. We regret that in these circumstances a refund of part or all of the supplement paid is not possible and your understanding of this important matter is an essential part of this reservation.
Please remember you and your parties use the swimming pool at your own risk and must always observe the safety rules listed in the Information Book and posted on the wall in the villa.
As the homeowner, we do not accept responsibility for loss of main services, or failure of appliances, nor for the consequences of the actions or omissions of persons who may control the supply of mains services. Nor do we accept any liability for any actions taken in the vicinity of the property by any authority over which there is no control by ourselves.
The provision of free local, national & international telephone calls is provided as a courtesy and we ask that you do not abuse the system. You have been allocated $25 worth of calls for your stay. If the phone is used excessively we will ask you to meet the additional cost from your Security Deposit. When dialling within the USA, calls cost only $0.02 per minute to landlines (giving over 20 hours of calls!!). Calls to cell phones are more expensive and will only provide about 3 hours! When dialling the UK, calls cost $0.03 per minute to landlines (giving over 13 hours of calls!!) but cost $0.19 per minute to mobile phones (only 2 hours!!). We reserve the right to withdraw this service without prior notice. Should this occur, we will not pay any compensation or refund any rental payments.
When you book your holiday with us you will have to pay either :-
a) The deposit, or
b) The full cost of the holiday if it is 60 days or less before you travel.
The person booking the holiday must be a member of the party and be over 21 years of age. Bookings will not be accepted from parties of young people under 21 years of age.
Upon payment of the deposit or, if less than 60 days before departure, the full cost, you are confirming that you understand and have accepted these terms and conditions.
The Booking Confirmation will also include a Balance Invoice, detailing the full cost of your holiday. The balance must be paid not less than 60 days before the commencement of your holiday. If you do not pay the full balance 60 days before arrival we reserve the right to cancel your booking and cancellation charges will apply.
A Security Deposit is required and this is payable by providing a swipe of a Credit Card to our Management Company within 24 hours of arriving at the villa. If you don’t have a credit card available, a cash deposit of $300 will require to be paid. The Security Deposit will be cancelled 21 days after the completion of your holiday providing no damage or loss is reported to us by our management company.
If you wish to change your arrangements after the balance invoice has been issued, we will do our best to accommodate it. Additional charges may apply.
If you wish to cancel your booking we must be notified in writing. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received.
The following scale of charges will be levied :-
> Prior to 60 days  =  loss of booking deposit
> 60 to 21 days  =  75% of the villa costs
> less than 21 days  =  lO0% of the full villa costs
We will not be held responsible if you do not purchase holiday insurance from the date of booking our villa to cover unforeseen circumstances, which may necessitate cancellation of your holiday. We strongly recommend that you take out full travel insurance to adequately cover you and your party against such eventualities, including insurance for valuables & personal possessions, which are not covered by our home policy. As a suggestion, you should look at http://www.travelguard.com  for US residents or http://www.axa.co.uk/insurance/personal/travel/  for UK residents.
Your Accommodation
This is reserved for the people detailed on your booking confirmation. No other persons are permitted to stay unless they have been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments made. Please remember local communities expect certain standards of behavior and you are required to observe them.
Florida law puts strict limits on the number of occupants permitted to stay overnight in vacation homes. Our home is limited to: 10 persons plus an infant
Please note that the authorities police this law and that they have the powers to spot-check homes at any time for infringement. In the event of higher occupancy than that permitted you will be required to vacate the property. In this event there can be no refund of the rental payment.
Your holiday home will be available after 4.00pm on the day booked for arrival. You must vacate the property by 10.00am on the morning of departure to enable the property to be prepared for new arrivals.
You or any member of your party, are responsible for any breakage, loss or damage of any item at the property itself during your stay and will:
1. Pay the full cost of any breakage loss or damage to the property (our Management company will be sole arbitrators on cause of damage or loss).
2. Take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the holiday.
3. Report any damage or loss immediately it is discovered to a local representative of our management company.
4. Permit the Homeowner or our agent reasonable access to the property to carry out any maintenance if necessary.
5. Not allow any pets (cats, dogs etc) into the property at any time. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in loss of the full Security Deposit to cover costs of cleaning.
6. Not allow smoking within the villa at any time. If you smoke we request that you do so outside.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in loss of the full Security Deposit to cover costs of cleaning.
It is our sincere wish that everyone who books our villa has an enjoyable and relaxing time. You must bear in mind that you are responsible for your actions, and those of your party, and the effects they may have on others. If we or any other person in authority, believe you or any member of your parties’ actions could upset others, or put them in danger or damage property, we may end your holiday. This could mean you are prevented from using the villa. If this happens we will not pay any compensation or meet any expenses you or your party suffer as a consequence.
If you have any complaint with the villa you should notify our local Management Company immediately so that they have the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem. If you continue to be dissatisfied you can then contact us as homeowners and we will do our utmost to resolve the problem. We cannot accept liability for any complaints that have not followed the above procedure and which are not received by us in writing within 28 days of your departure date. Claims in respect of accommodation are limited to the total rental amount paid.
Once you have booked and paid your deposit we will reserve the villa on the basis of these terms and conditions. The booking is not accepted until your deposit is received by us. It is only then that a contract exists between us. We guarantee that, once the deposit payment has been received and cleared, the price shown on the balance invoice will not be increased unless amendments are made to your booking.
We will only cancel your booking under exceptional circumstances or we are forced to do so as a result of "force majeure", when we will not accept any liability. (FORCE MAJEURE ‑ means any event which we could not, even with due care, foresee or avoid. Such events include but are not limited to War, Civil commotion, strikes, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, act of God, terrorist activity, closure of airports, quarantine, weather conditions, government action or other events out with our control.) Unless the holiday is cancelled due to default on your part we will refund all monies you have paid.