About the Owners
Owners:   Iain, Shona, Mark & Laura
Where do we live:   Perthshire, Scotland

After travelling to Florida & falling in love with the American Dream, we decided to buy our own villa in the Sunshine State. In 2004 we finally closed on Emerald Villa .... and so the dream commenced.

The idea of being able to land at Orlando International and be back in our home within 40 minutes is perfection. We love the abundance of quality (and very reasonably priced) restaurants and the family still love to visit the Theme Parks to experience the thrill of The Hulk, Everest, Cheetah Hunt and Kraken!

Despite having travelled to Florida over 17 times, we still believe every vacation is very different. There are so many places to see & different things to entertain you .... there's a whole lot more to Florida than Disney!   
Why Choose a Private Villa

The first time we travelled to Florida we booked a package through a Travel Agent and our villa was "allocated on arrival"€ at Sanford Airport. This meant we had to quickly look at maps & find the Management Company's office in Orlando (in the dark). After collecting our document package & keys, we then had to work out the directions & find the villa (10 miles away !).

This scenario is far from ideal after a long flight to Florida when the kids are Grumpy & you are Sleepy!

If you book with us direct you'll find that you will be able to go straight to the villa & the key will be in a lockbox at the door. You will have seen directions & maps long before you even stepped on the plane because we provide you with a map from Google, directions, phone numbers and a full information pack at least 4 weeks before you travel.

For larger families and groups of friends, you will often find its cheaper to book your own flights, villa & car hire than compared to a 'package'. 
Occasionally, before sending their money, our guests look for some assurance that we do indeed own the villa & we fully understand this caution! There have been a number of unfortunate situations recently caused by fraudsters & we want to offer some ways to give you peace of mind & protection so you have the confidence to book our home for your vacation.

Payment can be made through
Paypal.com using a credit card (The Booking Deposit is free but a 3.8% fee applies for the balance payment to cover the cost of this service).

We will gladly e-mail a copy of our current Sales Tax certificate for the home.

Speak direct to our Management Company in Florida - we can provide their phone number or e-mail address on request.

Get to know us - we are happy to speak to you by phone and answer any questions you may have about the villa (or Florida in general)